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NH   DHHS’ Health Officer Liaison will be out of the office from August 13th to October 11th, 2021.


If you have a question or are in need of technical assistance, please follow these steps before contacting DHHS staff:

  1. Review the Health Officer Manual. This website provides over 40 guidance documents covering a wide range of topics a health officer might respond to. These documents contain information related to applicable RSAs, inspection protocols, and key contact information. This should be your first course of action if you have questions related to an environmental concern or preparation for an inspection.

  2. Consult with your fellow health officers. Utilize the NH Health Officer List Serve to email other local health officers. Send your inquiries to

  3. Review the attached “Key Contacts for Local Health Officers” document. This one page document provides contact information for different subject matter experts that can assist you in your response to different environmental hazards.

  4. Consult with the NH Health Officer Association. NHHOA may be able to facilitate technical assistance for local health officers.


       Please use the resources listed above PRIOR to sending an email to this inbox. If you still need additional guidance, contact the HOLU program                               at DHHS staff will check the health officer inbox once per day.  Response times to these emails may be delayed for a     few hours to a few days due to staffing shortages.


     if you have a question regarding the appointment of a health officer, contact DHHS staff at DHHS staff will check the inbox once a day.


NH DHHS values the important work of the local health officer, and we appreciate your patience as we manage my leave period.

Listing of Current Health Officers Throughout the State

Our Mission


The mission of the New Hampshire Health Officers Association is to assist and support local health officials in meeting their responsibilities to the public through programs of education, technical assistance, representation, and resource development; and assisting the local health officials in providing educational and informational programs to the general public on environmental and public health topics.


Our Vision

It is the vision of the New Hampshire Health Officer’s Association to be recognized as, and regarded by, members and other organizations as an effective, professional group representing and advocating for local public and environmental health. The HOA will be known for promoting and fostering high standards of professionalism among local health officials; and for working closely with national, state and local health and environmental associations to improve public health practice.